IMHO Qualcomms Eudora is a great email program. It's been around for years, has a great look and feel, isn't overly complicated, and isn't vulnerable to most of those nasty worms out there which spread through Outlook's address book. Despite being a great email application, Eudora doesn't do everything, and doesn't do everything I want it to do but to make up for this, it does have an architecture which allows for third-party plugin modules to extend its capabilities. On these pages I will feature a number of plugins that I have written for the Windows version of Eudora (>5.0).


24 Feb 2010Moved to another new host!

With the shutdown of hostrator, I have moved my website to webring.

11 Sep 2009Moved to a new host!

With the shutdown of Geocities just around the corner, I have moved my website to hostrator.

28 Feb 2009Version 1.05 of the Bugscreen plugin released

This version fixes the bug which caused base64 emails to come through blank. I only ever used to get about one base64 encoded emails a year, so it was nigh on impossible to test for but, through a random act of strangeness, a monthly e-letter I subscribe to changed to base64 encoding a little while back so I finally had some examples to work with. It only took about two or three months to do, but base64 emails are now handled correctly. Bugscreen still does not process them, but at least they do not come through empty any more.

28 Feb 2009Version 1.01 of the xFormat plugin released

I was riding my bicycle and got hit by a car (which promptly sped off) about three weeks ago breaking some ribs etc. While I was laid up at home feeling miserable for myself and having nothing to do with my time, I revisited the xFormat plugin and went back to fix a another periodic bug which I guess no one else ever noticed or bothered reporting which would cause the plugin to crash eudora sometimes when calling user-defined formatting commands. It is fixed now so should crash no more.

5 Jan 2008Version 1.04 of the Bugscreen plugin released

This version fixes a bug caused when emails with attachments were received and were garbled.

27 Dec 2007Version 1.03 of the Bugscreen plugin released

This version removes the old “AVG Fix” option - the plugin now works with AVG without any extra help. This should also improve its compatibility with anything else which may do nefarious things to headers. A downside is AVG will scan incoming “Plain & Styled” emails twice, but that only takes an extra second or two.

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To preview the effects of the styler, smiley, or setbackground plugins, also download and install the preview plugin.



31 Kb
xformat Plugin
(Manual Install)
V 1.0128 Feb 2009The xformat plugin adds extra formatting commands to Eudora like superscripts, subscripts, and numbered lists. The plugin is extendible via a user defined table of tags.(MORE)


92 Kb
preview Plugin
(Manual Install)
V 1.0724 Jul 2007The preview plugin allows you to see the effects of the styler, setbackground, and smiley plugins without having to send youself and email. Works with all versions of smiley and styler, and versions 1.17 onwards of setbackground. Preview of embedded images seems to only work with Eudora 5.?(MORE)


85 Kb
styler Plugin
(Manual Install)
V 1.0626 Feb 2006The styler plugin allows for customising emails' appearances through modifying their Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).(MORE)


143 Kb
setbackground Plugin
(Manual Install)
V 1.1828 Jul 2005The setbackground plugin lets you change the background of outgoing emails to either a colour or a pattern.(MORE)


107 Kb
smiley Plugin
(Manual Install)
V 2.112 Dec 2006The smiley plugin converts email shorthand smiley codes, such as :-), into graphical smilies like J or in outgoing emails. It is different to, and can compliment Eudora's own smileys.(MORE)


73 Kb
bugscreen Plugin
(Manual Install)
V 1.0528 Feb 2009The bugscreen plugin is an Eudora on-arrival plugin which does two things to HTML emails when they arrive in your inbox: removes webbugs; and, filters out extraneous crud.(MORE)


69 Kb
peekaboo Plugin
(Manual Install)
V 1.004 Jul 2005The Peek-A-Boo plugin shows you what the behind the scenes HTML code in your email looks like. As a bonus, it also lets you change/tweak the HTML code in a plain-text editor.(MORE)


4 Kb
emailfolder Windows XP iconV 1.01 Sep 2004This is a small icon suite for XP (48x48, 32x32, & 16x16) so you can quickly tell where your eudora directory is.


78 Kb
dumpmime Plugin
(Manual Install)
V 1.054 Apr 2005The dumpmime plugin saves the outgoing message, after Eudora has done almost everything to it, to a local file.(MORE)


4 Kb
eudorapluginoptions Windows binariesV 1.0029 Dec 2005EudoraPluginOptions is a small program for setting Eudora Plugin options without running Eudora.(MORE)

Note: The plugin's themselves are quite small - the bulk of the zip files is the documentation.

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